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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Initially the game window was partially transparent, with the @ warrior picture below it. Which was quite distracting. When I restarted, either the main game window became fully opaque, or the picture below vanished.
Hmmm, that's not normal...
It's possible to make most subwindows partially transparent (e.g., Menu -> Term-1 -> Alpha), but not the main one.
Also, some terminology: "window" is the stuff that your window manager (like GNOME or XFCE or whatever) creates - "window" can be fullscreen; "subwindows" are those rectangles inside main window that react to "Move" and "Size" buttons and display game state (map, messages, monster list, etc).

Anyway, the background is black now, which is what I wanted.
There is a file "~/.angband/Angband/sdl2init.txt", which containts various settings for the port. Post it here, please.

The only problem: 'size' ends at 21 points, and the font (being cheaply generated from a bitmap font) looks best at 16, 24, 32, etc. For 4K monitors it would make sense to bump it to 32 or even 64.
Noted. I take it the button becomes red when you try to increase above 21? (the max size is hardcoded to be 24 anyway). What's the resolution of your monitor? The main subwindow (that displays dungeon) must be at least 80x24 characters.
"sdl2init.txt" should have some useful information about it, so don't forget it
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