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Originally Posted by Monkey Face View Post
I'm enjoying 3.3.0 but have a couple of questions.

First, it seems that I no longer receive 1 experience point for opening a locked door. I didn't see anything about this change in the release notes. Was this an intentional change or just an oversight? Early on, opening locked doors was a relatively safe way to get experience points.
Well spotted! It was a deliberate change, because you can now lock doors (using the 'D'isarm skill - I know, we need a new command). The game currently can't tell the difference between a door you locked yourself and one you didn't, so you don't get xp for unlocking any more. (I once found this bug in Sangband and sat there for hours levelling up the world's most pathetic character.)
Second, can someone post a listing of the order of the various new level feelings? It's hard to tell the difference between "not much interesting here", "scraps of junk", and "naught but cobwebs"?
"there are superb treasures here.",	
"there are excellent treasures here.",	
"there are very good treasures here.",
"there are good treasures here.",
"there may be something worthwhile here.",
"there may not be much interesting here.",
"there aren't many treasures here.",
"there are only scraps of junk here.",
"there are naught but cobwebs here."

"Omens of death haunt this place",
"This place seems murderous",
"This place seems terribly dangerous",
"You feel anxious about this place",
"You feel nervous about this place",
"This place does not seem too risky",
"This place seems reasonably safe",
"This seems a tame, sheltered place",
"This seems a quiet, peaceful place"
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