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Originally Posted by mixer View Post
Just cleared a level with two vaults. The spiral vault gave me so many artifact I left 4 behind but now have to decide what to sell and what to wear. Any good advice would be nice.
Put on Caspanion (CON, WIS, Poison, conf), Elessar (STR, WIS, Speed, Poison), Belthronding (speed, rDisen), Eorlingas (STR, DEX, Speed, a lot of damage) or Thunderfist (CON, STR, no speed, a lot of damage, no penalty for priests).

Use Calris and Eol as swap. Find something to replace Cammithrim, but wear those in meantime (nice pair of thievery or DEX would be nice). Aggravation sucks.

With two +12 ROS and +4 elvenkind boots, +2 from Elessar (and Eorlingas) and +1 from Belthronding your permanent speed is still over +30 which more than enough against anything.

As Priest you want your WIS to be 18/200+. That's your main priority for now. If you see serenity helmets don't throw them away, those are one of the very few items with stun protection.
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