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Originally Posted by droof View Post
When I try to compile older angband variants, I see all kinds of libraries break. SDL 1 breaks, because SDL 2 is the new standard and is not backward compatible. GTK breaks too. If the variant is no longer maintained, these probably no longer compile.

It looks like only GCU / ncurses and X11 always compile consistently even for unmaintained variants. And ncurses also has built-in Windows and Mac support (not X11?). So does that mean ncurses is the only future-proof interface that will work on any platform, or is there another cross-platform interface library that is highly recommended today?
What I did of course was use a javascript terminal emulator to provide a frontend - everything then runs everywhere. There are no graphics though. Yet.

But I hope to one day find the time to do it. Plain text output is very ordered and it wouldn't be difficult to give a computer a general description of what an angband output is attempting to display in order to present it graphically.
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