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Originally Posted by krazyhades View Post
Wraithform is good, but the majority of death is really shitty lategame. Pretty much everybody who wants it has access to plenty of regular Genocide at similar spellpower with the staves. Early game their AoE and Maledection are good, and as I already said yes their early buff spell is good, but haste is unexciting (literally every character that makes it to high level is already permahasted very very easily), their damage spells are heavily resisted by almost every relevant late enemy (demon/undead/serpent), vampirism true is great but only works on life-bearing monsters (which are by far the least important type to care about).

Death later on is far far worse on hybrids than life, and far far worse on pure casters than chaos.
I know this is pretty old but I remembered the conversation & thought I'd dig it up & point out that Oberon is not in fact Nether resistant (except a partial for the evil flag, but nether storm is 750 to start with & cheap with a massive radius) nor is he darkness resistant (& darkness storm is pretty cheap & reasonable against something with out the resist).

Interestingly enough the serpent himself doesn't have darkness resist though it would take a fair few dark storms to bring him down that way.
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