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Nice! Played a few (very short) games, some initial thoughts:


- Still think Smithing is a lost cause and the entire tree should be replaced, but the changes seem for the better.

- Changing/replacing all curses to work from the inventory (like Danger) could open up some interesting avenues (maybe in conjunction with some curse-effect-suppressing shenanigans from the will tree).

- I've mentioned this before, but reworking statgaining through items and forbidding +smithing items to remove smithing kit strategies still seem prudent.


- Love your song concepts, but is still apprehensive to actually test them out ingame. I believe the song tree would be much more interesting if songs were learned automatically from leveling up the skill alone, with abilities providing extra perks. At the moment having a large repertoire is actively penalized by the rule system which is a bit counterintuitive imo.

- Alternatively, have each race come with their own repertoire of songs which they learn as they level up song, with access to the other races songs (including enemy ones) gated behind abilites. Some songs could be shared between races but named differently - eg Song of the Trees/Song of the Sun/Song of the Hearth for Elves/Humans/Dwarfs respectively. The races could do with some extra differentiation imo.

- Song of Delvings could allow the PC to tunnel without a mattock at a high enough song level (unless it already does)?


- Not crazy about Coup the Grace since it bypasses other game systems (Sil systems being simple and interlocking is what attracts me to them). Also a bit weird in that it's not as much a backstab/stealth ability as much as a flat (and large) amount of damage to each and every enemy encountered.

- How does cheat death work? Does the item shatter as it activates or is there a hidden cooldown?

- Anticipate. Eh. Wasn't it you that mentioned once that rerolls make a mess of calculating odds? Maybe as a flat bonus to hit coupled with lowering the enemy critical defense number? Could probably be folded into song of challenge somehow since that's the main gimmick unless you luck into/smith wrath artifacts.

- Love the new curse. Very tolkien-ish. In fact, I think this should replace the generic sticky curse for vanilla cursed items and give them +(),[] instead of maluses. Ruin should come with the promise of power.


- Really liked the new spider; especially how it works around being kited as a slow monster.
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