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Re: Gamedata customization

*tried to raname topic to 'Gamedata customization' to continue this subject; but topic still got old name.. nvm*

Another important flag for customization lay in store.txt

I've noted this suggestion in PWMA development topic and PowerWyrm kindly agreed that he would look into it. As this functional could also be interesting to have in Angband, I want to post this idea here too, maybe we could discuss it and unravel some more interesting flags? Also maybe joint efforts could be combined to achieve this important customization mechanism.

Currently in store.txt there are two main flags which indicate how often item would appear in the shop:
# normal: type name : item name - for the normal stocking list
# always: type name : item name - for things to always stock
The topic: is it possible in future to add more different flags for stores?

Now there is 'always' flag (spawn 40 stack of 40 items) and 'normal' (ocassionaly spawn 1-10 times). It would be fun to have something like this:

- always (spawn 10-20 items) // currently having always 40 items sounds quite anti-RPG style, moar rng!
- normal (5-10 items)
- rare (1-5 items)
- unique (1 item)
- never (to forbid certain item in Black Market)

Also right now it's not possible to have any special flags at BM, except 'always'. It would be fun to have possibility to customize it

Also maybe (if it's not too hard to implement) there could be two different types of flags for stores: quantity flags (determine how much items would appear in pile) and rarity (how often certain item type would appear). It would give possbility to create really precise store customization
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