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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
If you die before 5 then jump straight to 6 and you'll be fine .

Seriously though, getting early survival gear is a bit harder than it used to be. Just buy scrolls of phase door and be ready to run away at any point and you should survive. Note that those pesky low-level priests and paladins and cast curse so big bunch of those can kill you from distance. So avoid being in LoS of several of them at the same time. Corners are your friend.
Yeah, my characters were getting killed by stuff like molds/jellies, centipedes and I think jackals early on. But I have selling on, so I don't start with much money. And with the shops being pretty scarce as far as starting equips, it's hard to get just basic armor and a decent weapon (if a dagger or mace isn't going to cut it for whatever character I'm playing). Sometimes I can't even buy a sling or short bow because I focus on body armor.

Also I'm noticing some really odd behavior with jackals and cave spiders. They no longer chase you beyond the edge of the room they are in. Is that normal? I don't remember them them being so contained to their set locations before.
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