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Originally Posted by joeljpa View Post
Thanks for your help!
So let's see with Windows then first.
Well, it turns out I don't seem to have mingw installed or at least the right one. I did install some mingw. Either way, ming doesn't exist in the bin folder. Thing is Cygwin shows a LOT of mingws when searched and I do not know which is the right one. On the GitHub page, you've mentioned "mingw C" but I couldn't narrow it down, via searching further. I installed a "mingw gcc" too.
So - mingw provides the Gnu C Compiler, GCC. This is what you want. GCC will build the source code.

Have you a windres.exe in your Cygwin bin folder after install? Or anything ending windres.exe?

Also if you prefer Linux, I do the development in Linux so that may be even easier to fix.
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