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Now fully ID'd. Resists lightning and nexus too.

[Character Equipment]

a) the Main Gauche of Belume (8d5) (+9,+10)
Found lying on the floor at 300 feet (level 6)

Slays dragons (powerfully), undead, giants, orcs, animals.
Branded with weak fire.
Provides immunity to fire, cold.
Provides resistance to lightning, nexus.
Cannot be harmed by acid.

When activated, it restores your strength.
Takes 114 to 140 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 85.8%

Combat info:
5.8 blows/round.
With +0 STR and +3 DEX you would get 6.0 blows
Average damage/round: 448.6 vs. creatures not resistant to fire,
889 vs. dragons, 595.6 vs. undead, 595.6 vs. giants, 595.6 vs.
orcs, 448.6 vs. animals, and 302.2 vs. others.
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