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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Sauron currently casts 1 in 2, and Morgoth 1 in 3
Would that it were so. But AFAICT, it's just not true. The interactions with the "innate" flag in make_ranged_attack in mon-attack.c appear to make the actual rate be (spell_freq * freq_innate), which for Sauron and Morgoth makes it half the stated spell_freq. This certainly agrees with my experiences, which is part of why taking down Sauron and Morgoth is comparatively easy in 4.2.0. Note that the game itself agrees with this: if you use the '/' command to look at the "lore" for Morgoth, it says that he casts 1 time in 6, and Sauron 1 time in 4.

I had thought that this was deliberate - that the spell frequency was toned down to make them easier to defeat, so I was proposing a middle ground. If this is in fact just a mistake, then by all means crank the frequencies all the way back up to their previous values.

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