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i do not understand devices at all.

So - a wand of annihilation has in the description that it does 250 damage, and then you get a bonus depending on your devices stat, that at most is 25% or similar. Let's say 300 for ease of calculations.

A ranger does 500+ damage a round with arrows; a warrior 400-600 dps. Even a rogue or paladin will do 350+ dps.

Ok granted, these are melee stats, but, they put a WoA to shame. And you still have to consider charges, AND you basically foregoe melee in the lower DLs as the bigger, and more-XP dropping mobs can drain charges.

So basically a WoA for me is just a mage spell that doesnt use mana, when potions of restore mana are so ridiculously plentiful, i have to sell them to prevent being overweighted.

What am i missing here? summon @Derakon
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