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Equipment Optimizer

I've always wanted to write a program to help me determine what items I should be wearing in Angband. Well, I finally got around to making one! I thought I'd post it here and give back a tiny bit to the Angband community.

It's a command-line tool. Basically, you fill in a spreadsheet that describes what equipment you have and what attributes are important, then run the tool with the spreadsheet as input. The problems I see right now are:
  1. It's a little tedious to enter in all the data for your stuff, especially if you have 30-40 items.
  2. It's difficult picking good weights for how important everything is. I have reasonable values in an example file, but please let me know if you get better ones.

I have a pre-compiled binary for Mac OS X 10.5. Otherwise, you'll have to compile it yourself. It's just C code, but it relies on the "lpsolve" library (needed to solve integer linear programming problems). There's a README that has more detailed instructions. If you get it working on another system, I'm sure others would appreciate it if you can post a binary somewhere.

Source + Mac Binary

Source Only
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