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Originally Posted by konijn_ View Post
1a. Setting to 1HP will not help, that white icky thing in the corner will get you anyway. There are more monsters about in *band than in DoomRL I guess. Boss monsters are not alone in this game.
I find in the vast majority of my 1 hit deaths, it's a 1 on 1 scenario, usually because I was either blindsided, or didn't properly appraise the danger. 1HP would let you drink a potion, and start thinking about how to flee. This would admittedly be overpowered with current teleport-spamming. As for nerfing teleport, I would rather problem-solve ways of breaking through whatever group is surrounding me than just blinking away and finding a staircase. If monsters, in turn, need to be nerfed (I don't really think they would all that much - susceptibility to charm spells would go a long way), then so be it.

2. I like, but as buzkill says, dont make them quest monsters, allow the player to keep going and ignore that monster.
I agree w/ you and Buzzkill. I still think they should be a guaranteed unique on a guaranteed level, however (and they won't appear anywhere else). Drops, of course could stay as is.

6. I dont know where the meme of players should have full monster memory comes from.
It's more of a treatment than a cure. You see a monster with a name and know nothing about it. You fight it and maybe die, maybe bulldoze it. Maybe it breathes something that you don't have a resistance for. Who knows. Angband's bestiary is so vast that I even forget which monsters pose threats during periods of avid play. The best solution, IMO, is vast simplification with a view to making things more intuitive. A master mystic shouldn't be able to KO you. A juggernaut (for example) should.

As others said, welcome to band land
Thanks - it's good to be home.
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