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Originally Posted by nullfame View Post
Without looking at your diff (since I'm not familiar with the code base) I'm not sure I understand your table. The first level you encounter = dl2, the second = dl8, etc. Am I understanding this right? I realize the second level is dl3-dl8, I am using the high end as the max risk or max reward. Or am I way off?
You're correct. I wrote the change to retain the existing concept of depth, since otherwise I suspect I'd have to rewrite rather a lot of the code that deals with level, not to mention the info files. This was as non-invasive a change as I could think of, since all of the normal dungeon levels are preserved; you just move between them in great leaps instead of one dungeon level at a time.

Disconnected stairs would be a... challenge
Well, so long as you're prepared for the next level, you should be fine, yes?

I'm sorry, but isn't this approximately equal to the status quo? I.e., in a normal game you run dl3-dl8 six times before proceeding, etc.
It changes the number of times you have to seek out staircases. It also means that each dungeon level should start out being frightening and end up being more or less easily navigable, at least until the endgame. (EDIT: it also means that this game could feasibly be played without ever resorting to Word of Recall; the furthest you'll ever have to travel is 10 levels, which is tedious but not out of the question).

I assume one could "pancake" a dungeon down to, say, 50 by using your same patch and changing your table? That should help people who are interested in this test.
Yes. Just change how the ranges are set up in the table and you can squish the dungeon down any way you like.
I don't agree with 10 levels being the right amount, but I think if you're going to reduce it to 10 you have the optimal breakpoints here.
I think 10 levels is very aggressive, but I'd rather start out overly aggressive and tone back to something that's a good challenge, then start out with something that's too wimpy and never have the push to improve it.

Originally Posted by Timo
If I read this correctly you get swamped by uniques at dlvl 6 (41-80).
I'd originally had a 41-60 level and a 61-80 level, but then I decided to combine them so I'd have a neat 10 dungeon levels. Now I've realized that actually "neatness" would be 11 levels -- one town and 10 dungeon. So that split could be reintroduced; then "level 6" would introduce most of the deep monsters, "level 7" would add most of the nasty uniques, and "level 8" would start the endgame.

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