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Oh yes, standalone testbeds are incredibly happy.

Down the line, an even more complete that incorporates some of the more complex variables involved...would be to have the capability to generate a full dungeon level, of whatever depth, with monsters. Then there's perhaps 2 options:

--Dive strategy: @ would probably kill 25% of the monsters and find 25% of the items on the floor
--Clear strategy: @ would probably kill 90% of the monsters and pick up 90% of the items on the floor

Kill the appropriate percentage of the monsters, and add their drops to the floor loot gathered.

Next point: create every 5th level twice; these are the levels you recall from, then back to. This holds except for stat gain territory, up until probably around 90th level, or whichever level the diving pros would say you park to get your final kit built up. Run the level pair (say, level 96 and 97) 10 times each...?

Toss in...oh, let's say 5 scrolls of acquirement, and 3 *acquirement*, at some plausible depth.

One trick is that artifact generation will have to go through a side loop in the test code here, because this is where the artifacts already found, would be kept. Another issue is what to do about pits (we love clearing troll pits, but a big-time undead pit is likely gonna be avoided) and vaults.
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