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Send me your pref files!

Hello everyone,

There's another option cull and a rewrite of macros and keymaps looming, so I am interested in finding out what options + keymap setups people use, to make sure we don't lose functionality.

So, please email me your option + macro/keymap files! I've set up an email address specially for it,, so if you have a spare moment it would be much appreciated.

If you don't know how to send the pref files, it works like this: go to the options menu, hit 'o' for Save Options and choose a filename. If you use macros and/or keymaps, go to their menus too, and dump those to the same file. When it comes to attachment time:
  • on Windows that file will be in lib/user.
  • on OS X it will be in ~/Library/Preferences/Angband/.
  • on Linux it'll be on ~/.angband/Angband/.

Please send your files to I'll be consulting before doing another options cull, but doing it this way means I can see what options people actually use and which they don't.

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