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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
It seems to be nerfed in the 3.1.0 (dev).
I see that Narya now has ESP, but no longer has RNether. That is unfortunate, because while there are many sources for ESP, there are few useful sources for RNether. I won't report this as a bug exactly, but it sure is a bummer.
Interesting -- all the rings of power have been changed. Narya and the One Ring are far weaker, Nenya is a wash, and Vilya is more powerful, in my opinion.

* Add ESP, sustain DEX, and activate for Protection from Evil.
* Lose sustain CON, WIS, CHR, resist Nether, resist Fear, activate for Fire (3 - ball?).

* Add activate for Restore Life.
* Lose sustain CHR, activate for Frost (5 - big ball?)

* Add ESP, sustain INT, resist Dark, activate for Heal (2).
* Lose resist Disenchant. activate for Elec (2 - ball?).

One Ring:
* Add resist Dark
* Lose resist Poison, Nether, Blind, Disenchant, Fear
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