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[Z]Angband ~More difficult than [V]?


Well my mage (Death/Trump) is comming along nicelly, Clvl 29 and scumming around 1400 - 1600 for stat potions and confusion resistance before I dive further. I have the basic resistances and some nice bits and pieces (gloves of free action) but nothing too special (no +speed).

My question follows...

Whilst I have been playing [Z] on and off for years, this is my first serious attempt to kill Oberon and the Serpent of Chaos. I remember reading on some time ago that [Z] was renound for being a somewhat 'harder' varient.

I am playing 2.6.2; Is this still the case? And if so, what makes it so much harder, (The curse of Topi Y perhaps)?

Am I being realistic in trying to kill them... Have any of you beaten it before?

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