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Here's the description of Charisma in Fay:

"Charisma is more than just appearances and personality. It also represents the character's metaphysical presence, his "aura". Charismatic characters are very good with magical devices, and they get better range with spells and devices. They will also receive better prices from store owners, whereas a character with a very low charisma may be robbed blind. Finally, a high charisma will allow monsters that are magically calmed to remain non-aggressive longer."


I recently did something pretty radical to skills in the Fay dev version.

1) I turned as many of them as possible to pure percentile scores. To test these skills, the game tries to roll 1d100 under the skill score, without any difficulty modifiers. In Vanilla, at least Perception, Saving Throw and Disarming could work like this. This is as transparent and easy as it gets.

2) Only five "primary" skills get better with levels: fighting, shooting, throwing, magic device and saving throw. All the other skills depend only on your race, class, and stats. Now the influence of both stats and races can be much bigger. (One exception -- for each skill, there is one class that does get better with training.)


How do you envision communicating to the player all the different kinds of saving throw bonuses? Having only one Saving Throw skill is important for this reason.


I kinda like having both INT and WIS as priest's spell stats. I think it all depends on what the definition of INT and WIS are in this game -- there are as many definitions as there are roleplaying games. (I tend to associate WIS with perception and common sense, INT with logic, theoretical reasoning and language.)

But if we decide to keep pure WIS as the priest's spell stat, and INT for wizard's, I recommend having powerful effects that depend on the combined INT+WIS score. See Lore in Fay as an example. This gives every spellcaster a reason to develop the "other" mental stat, too.

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