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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Regarding the specific suggestions in this thread, IMO having CHA influence range is unintuitively weird, and applying status ailments to monsters is either completely debilitating or completely pointless with very little middle ground -- so you end up with a stat that is either vestigial or a gamebreaker. That sounds tricky to balance to me.
I don't see why there can't be middle ground. You could imagine that having a high enough charisma means that every round, you have a 20% chance of stunning a monster you are facing in melee, effectively making that monster skip that round. That seems neither debilitating nor pointless to me.

There is another reason I am loathe to git rid of charisma. If we were to get rid of it, then any future variant that wanted it would have to add it back in. I suspect that's a good deal harder than making a variants remove charisma or ignore it if they don't want it. So we might as well keep it, and in the meanwhile, why not try _something_ with it?
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