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Originally Posted by Arralen View Post
On "Eriador 10" I dropped through a trap door (how can a batform drop down a hole in the ground? ... more complainer stuff I guess .
Batform has a 2/3 chance to miss invisible traps - account for the other third however you like

At least the bat-intrinsic featherfalling worked so I didn't get damage ...) and the only way to get out of underground alive was to recall to Eriador Town.
There should have been upstairs somewhere on that underground level.

Upon recalling to wilderness I landed on the surface, not underground (as expected), and the map shows a dungeon here?!
I thought only "real" dungeons" show up as (Dungeon) on the map, but ... :
Yeah, that label is technically a bug - the underground levels are a big hack, and the map doesn't deal with them correctly.
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