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I really like FAangband for many reasons. It has a bit more variety in character races and classes than vanilla. Also, the specialities you can choose and achieve add more to this variety.
Divergent from Angband you get four magic schools.

FAangband has different starting towns, depending on the race of your character. An assortment of distinct wilderness levels connects the towns and dungeons. Playing in wilderness is quite different from vanilla dungeon play stile - the wide open plains are more dangerous to unexperienced starting characters.
Various terrains have impacts on game play, both monsters and player chars may be hindered by certain terrain types or could use them to hide or progress faster than their opponent.

You can use up to four recall points to make travelling a bit more easy.

All terrain types can occur in some dungeon places or can be created by chaos breaths.

FAangand offers a plethora of magical jewelry with more abilities, benefits, penalties, or curses. Because the game uses a percentage resistance system you might want to keep them all, but the inventory is as limited as in vanilla. Except, you can store throwing weapons in your quiver, including artifact daggers or spears.

Some of the monsters and uniques have different abilities than their counterparts in vanilla, so better be carefull. ^^

Every now and then you may encounter special themed levels, which are fun and dangerous.

In the newest version of the game Nick has streamlined the design a bit, shortening the travel time by thinning out the connecting wilderness regions.
I wager this makes the game more fun, at least I'm making better progress with my current char than with any other before.
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