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Originally Posted by ekolis View Post
Is this because of rounding? Or am I misreading the rule somehow? Seems like 3 str, 2lb weapon would get +1.5 sides - is that rounded up to 2, or do you just get the worst of the two bonuses (so since 2 is less than 3, you get 2)?
1d7 weapon:
<1 lb 1d7 irregardless of strength.
1lb or 1.5 lb
< or = -1 str 1d6, 0 str 1d7, > or = 1 str 1d8
2lb or 2.5 lb
-2 str 1d5, -1 str 1d6, 0 str 1d7, 1 str 1d8, 2 or more str 1d9

Edit: If you get confused look at the left side bar:
The top (+x, ydz) is your melee
Below it (+x, ydz) is your bow
[+x, y-z], x is evading damage, y-z is absorbing damage
Light weapons critical more easily. You hit the foo!! - the 2 exclamation marks means 2 criticals(more exactly 1 double critical).

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