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You need to stock up on the various !healing potions--it's useful to keep them from the start, so that you have plenty when the time comes. Also, you need a few (maybe 6) !rMana.

It's really good to have Rods of Teleport Other. The wands get sucked dry in melee with M. With Vilya, you don't have to worry about losing them to electricity; ordinarily, stay away from electricity breathers & melee to preserve them.

And don't worry so much about less important resistance holes. AC is more important vs Morgoth than any of rShards, rNexus, rLight, etc. Instead, use Celeborn to get one free Banishment activation.

Thorin might be better than Gil-Galad for the acid immunity and extra strength, since you don't have a sustain.

Also: use Nenya and Elessar for additional damage. Recover some of the lost speed with Colannon. +23 speed is fine for taking on M; an addition 60 dam/turn is worth giving up a few points of speed. Colluin's activation isn't useful for a high level Rogue.
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