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I have never won Angband or any other roguelike (or even gotten very far). Probably because I can't fit into the methodical, thorough, and accurate style of play required by most RLs (and Angband in particular). I never remember I had that wand, scroll, or spell that would have saved my character. Also, I don't have patience for wizard types, selecting spells and the like, as fighters are easier in the beginning (except in ADOM, where their effectiveness stops abruptly after a dozen levels).

Here's how far I have gotten in the various games (which I have been playing since 1997 at least):

Angband - I didn't play Vanilla much, my best character was a twenty-something lvl Chaos Warrior in Z, who fell to Khufu and his escort at about dungeon level 30. I like Chaos Warriors, because they have the potential to get good stuff quickly due to random god gifts. Searching for a good or great weapon (excluding unique drops) is *boring*, and so is amassing gold to buy them from the store.
And well, there was that ToME module which had playable spider races in it, including a green one, which could shoot poison balls at will and being a sorcerer ensured a large mana reserve. That made it ridiculously easy until mid-levels, where poison resistant monsters started to appear.

Nethack - I ran a couple of Barbarians to the bottom of the Gnomish Mines and that was that. Never could advance past level 10 or so without being gored to death by a rothe or some such. The scarcity of identify scrolls pretty much makes the game unplayable in the long run - while you can guess wands and rings by reading spoilers, it is not so easy with weapons and armor.

ADOM - this is the only game in which my spellcasters, especially gnomish elementalists with 4 talents, fared better than fighters. I think the best one was about level 20 and died in the Tower of Fire. I never made it to the Guardian in the CoC, though I did recover RotHK on couple of times.

Crawl - this is my new love, similar to Nethack but with a more sensible distribution of ident scrolls. But I still die before character level 10. I've just lost a dwarf berserker to a bunch of orcs, even though I had a wand of cold and teleport scrolls and was fighting them in a corridor.
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