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DL45 LF 4-5

a maze level, i find right away the Metal Cap of Driteri [3,+18]
ESP, +3 INT, SM, rElec

a nice substitute for my helm of telepathy.

DL46 LF 7-3

god i hate hellhounds. they chew me up, and drop nothing. but i kill some wights and get 2x WIS and 1x DEX.

DL45 LF 5-2

a good fight - Akhorahil The Blind waits for me, and i nuke him with my bolts, but he drops nothing.

DL46 LF 6-3

right at the start i tank a Death Knight but he summons some mobs and i phase to nuke him with my bolts, but then he summons more stuff and a UNDEAD BEHOLDER pops out, and i teleport away - right into a nexus vortex who teleports me again and scrambles me.
I find myself in a room trapped by a corridor and a sleeping Vargo, Tyrant of Fire and i get out through recall.
And BADA-BING, the armorer has some Boots of Speed <+5> for 11k gold.

Also i somehow hit CL33 336hp 153sp and can cast Haste at 37% fail rate.

DL46 LF 6-5

i find a sleeping basilisk and easily kill it with my bolts. this is a large caves level so i contemplate leaving it right away. I fight a crystal drake who breathes on me for 250 damage forcing me to retreat. i clear a demi-vault and make away with the Elfstone of Anand +2 INT SI FA, etc nothing notable, a stat pot or two, i ID Rune of Protection and *destruction*.

DL46 LF 5-4

i try to take on a ethereal drake but it does not go well at all, and i read one of my 3 ?Tele to get away.

DL45 LF 5-3

maze level. nothing but a bunch of trolls for the slaughter.

DL44 LF 5-4

i leave almost immediately

DL45 LF 5-3

i fight my first ancient multi hued dragon and kill it but i take quite a lot of damage. fortunately i am flush with CCW.

DL46 LF 5-6

i kill Scatha, the Worm, by using up all my bolts, and he drops The Leather Boots Of Branyar [2,+15]
now, this Branyar fellow he was a reeeeally quiet guy because these boots come with +5 Spd and a whopping +6! stealth, giving me Heroic stealth.

I see Kavlax again and i still dont have rNexus.

i go around him and explore the rest of the dungeon, and find Adunaphel The Quiet, kill him and i am rewarded with what i was looking for, a stack of bolts.
And CL35 363hp 162sp. he also drops a helm with +5 INT and +4 WIS but no ESP.

i use the bolts to happily nuke Kavlax, who drops nothing.

i recall, sell, buy nothing, and read a DD.

DL51 LF 6-4

my spell fail rates with 18/130 INT are still staggering, 19% fail on slow monsters, but i finally manage to take down Lorgan, however he drops no joy.
I'm having a case of too much junk as i have not set any ignore, which i will do tomorrow - unless i actually get my loan approved and go buy my motorcycle, which takes precedence over Angband. But i digress. I have one more DD at home. I am gonna read it and then set up my ignore.
"i can take this dracolich"
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