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after work, sleep, and arranging my new motorcycle, i get back on V and set up my ignore. i read a DD to go to

DL56 LF 4-4

i kill some mobs right next to Smaug The Golden without even casting Resistance as i know with heroic stealth he'll never wake up. He dies and drops the Leather Helmet of Oharchor, which is just a massive AC buff [2,+39] SI.

DL55 LF 4-5

i run into a drolem who breathes on me, but i do not die. how considerate of you, mr drolem.

DL55 LF 5-8

jsut a priest book, but enough AMHDs to hit CL37 and with all the CON potions found lying around i am now at 462hp 202sp - still not a single artifact weapon! seriously? man this is ludicrous. i know what i must do.

i start to rush down until i find a megavault; along the way i kill another nazgul, shelob, a whole pit of ogres, several dragons, and NOTHING, until i finally walk on a level-generated sword
the Broad Sword of Tihor (2d5) (+14,+24) +11 AC +2 CON SM SI
400dps vs undead/dragons/demons, 310 vs evil
i lose my pConf so i cant kill the air elemental unique but whatever.
"i can take this dracolich"
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