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Good luck with your Rogue, Paul.
I personaly stick to Dwarf Priests as I believe they are the easiest to win with (I hope I'm not wrong about that ).
I almost never play rogues as I don't like relying on missile weapons. I often forget to use mine when I'm short on mana although it deals 4-5 times as much damage as my melee attacks

Although I'm still far from getting there, I'm a bit afraid about what I read recently about how to kill Morgy.
Does everyone dig until they reach a border of the map to reduce the effects of his summoning abilities?
That's the kind of trick I'm not fond of so I hope it's not mandatory.

Originally Posted by Narvius View Post
That's way more fun in Entro (there's a certain very-low-level unique...) ^.^
Something like Moldoux, the Defenceless Mold, in ToME?

btw, I always aim to kill all uniques. That's probably why I often die early
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