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Originally Posted by ekolis View Post
OK, thanks for the warning - now if distributions will be off "for a while", does that mean you're going to make such a change again at some point in the future? If so, would you please post here again?
I think that my warning was actually unnecessary, but I only realised that right after I posted. The nightlies will be changing quite a bit as items types get removed, renamed, rearranged, put at different depths, etc., and the odd few added here and there. At some point there will come a break in savefile compatibility when weapons and egos get altered. Right now I'm only attacking the non-combat stuff, though. Squelch will be screwed up, too.

In other words, I'm fulfilling the promise on the nightlies page:
"This is almost certainly a work in progress and may be unbalanced, broken, prone to crashes or what have you, so try them very much at your own risk."
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