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I think you need an 'other' option.

I always wondered about the lack of Un dumps on the ladder considering it always seemed to be the variant with the most active development going on. Perhaps that is part of the problem as to be honest I find myself a liitle bewildered by each changelog and how far it seems to have diverged from V. Personally I don't want to be worrying about whether I have to take two steps into a monster to charge it or how to dodge etc and that is not to mention the range of diseases that I don't want to worry about dying from.

Angband is ostensibly a simple game and Un strikes me as too involved to just pick up when I fancy a change from FA. The relevance here being that I decided to try something new last night, so I picked NPP. This is marketed as a kind of V+ so I dived straight in and am enjoying it so far (though I don't know what is going on with the terrains yet - but I believe they were borrowed from Un ).

Hope that helps,
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