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Cool. Picking up ID'd ego items from skeletons erroneously displays them as (special).
EDIT: Not really a bug, but noticed many of the new items are kind of difficult to manually ID compared to Vanilla. Course, could be me not being used to the new ID metagame. Makes inventory managing somewhat frustrating in the midgame, even with Channeling and _Understanding. Not inding self knowledge either..
EDIT: Speaking of, Channeling doubles the effect of each _Recharging charge, making it effectively four times as efficient.
EDIT: Were blunt weapons changed? They no longer trivializes statues?
EDIT: Wolf-Hame of Drauglin tile is missing
EDIT: The inventory glow of slaying egos seems bugged, eg half the battle axe icon disappears when Dramborleg is close to raukar.
EDIT: Speaking of Hames; there are currently no acidproof non-artifact cloaks far as I can tell. I'd prefer if item decay was nixed altogether tbh, blundering into traps/horrors is just feels frustrating and gamey.
EDIT: Glaurung's tile kind of looks like it has wings, which it doesn't have in the lore (maybe swap it with Gostir).
EDIT: Mithril Greaves of Nogrod seems weird. Nogrod is a Dwarfen city, but all Mithril in Middle Earth was brought by the Noldor from the west (prior to Moria).
EDIT: Old exploit, but digging through walls with Mattocks of Belegost is usually more turn efficient than walking the long way around. Also trivializes chasms.
EDIT: Dragohir, the Elfbane's tile is missing.
EDIT: Galvor Armour tile is missing.
EDIT: Got a "you emerge even deeper in the dungeon" message whilstmoving from 950' to 900' (min depth 900')? (Was able to repeat it; doesn't show the message every time though).
EDIT: Got it wrong earlier, there is a tile for the silent watcher, only it looks more like a floating yellow eye and not like a statue? The original inspiration were the screaming Stone Chimeras during Sam's rescue of Frodo from the orc watchtower in the Return of the King iirc.

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