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Aw. Got complacent and wailed at one-star-V whilst surrounded. Splat.

General impressions:

* I like the new enemy designs. Maybe the Wraiths are a tad too harsh on armor-focused characters, especially as high evasion is generally better as is.

* A lot of the new equiment tests vs rareish damage types eg bleeding and stun or checks metabolism which makes identification a bit harder. Probably not a big deal once I've gotten used to them, although I'm not a fan of the ID game to begin with.

* The "Balanced" re-roll could maybe be replaced by an additional +1 to hit and "Ponderous" no-crits effect could be replaced by just adding some weight to the item. Wouldn't change their function much and would reduce feature bloat. If you're replacing consumables with words of power, maybe consider nixing item weight altogether and replace current weapon weight with (a functionally identical) weapon balance rating?

* Staffs of Dismay spawned late for me. Mass confusion seemed a bit underwhelming at that point, but I guess it could be used as an unreliable escape in some situations.

* Inner light feels very strong right now. Never needed Song of the Trees with it (and a brilliant feanorian lamp lategame) except versus Ungolianth and some odd ancient spiders.

* Didn't test Outwit; learning monster perception rates feels like a hassle compared to critical resistance for high armour characters, and it's superflous with high evasion anyhow. Do monsters have a default value tied to native depth similar to most other stats? Also the name could use some work; how smart are you really if they're punching you in the face?

* On the whole, I'd say there's two pretty big balance issues atm. First off the grace skills feels severely underpowered save as prerequisites for abilities. I currently get 7 will for poison resistance and 6 perception for Rauko-Bane, and that's it. Never feel punished for not raising them higher thanks to all the Free Action/See Invisible/Clarity being tossed about. Song/Smithing are of course only used for abilities. Compare this with getting 20++ base melee/evasion for combat characters wanting to beat V.

* More importantly, difficulty drops off a cliff after 800' or so. Plenty of reasons why, eg lots of combat xp, fewer monsters overall, more territorial monsters, scrying staff abuses, monsters not being able to keep up with player evasion etc. You can still die to V in the throne room or not having protection around breathers, but that's about it really. Prior to that the difficulty curve feels more or less spot on.
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