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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
No, though the plan is to Tolkienise herbs and potions a lot further, as I have a strong distaste for the gamey sound of Potions of Strength and Herbs of Weakness.

Athelas and Miruvor have a good deal more First Age canonicity than words of power though, and while other herbs and potions will not have quite the same weight of validity, herbs and potions will be kept.
Ok. Tying at least some of the stronger effects (eg stat boosts) into whatever system you'll use for words of power could allow you to gate them behind some xp/stat investment though.

Try the new Blocking skill, it gives high Protection characters a lot of oomph.
I will, eventually, thanks. Does it do what it says on the description? Doubling shield protection if not moving sounds similar to vanilla?

Currently I'm trying to add variety rather than narrow it, but Balanced does rather more than +1 (it's closer to +3), and Cumbersome couldn't really be modelled by adding weight - adding weight will not negate crits given a high enough roll, and will provide more room for the strength bonus, making it much less of a drawback. Balance and weight are very different things. Light weapons improve crits, heavy weapons damage from Strength. A badly balanced weapon should improve neither.
In most cases with similar attack/evasion it probably would be, yeah.

High weight weapons are usually a liability in the current system though, especially with Rapid Attack giving such a good use for surplus strength. A normal strength 3 character can realistically exepct to get to strength 5 by the very endgame (gauntlets and melee ability), 9 under the effect of both !Strength and ,Rage. There are Gundor and rings of strength, but those are generally edge cases. A, say, weight 12lb curved blade would be noticeably worse than a 4lb one in almost all cases as is.

Stealth players will already in general be strongly aware of enemy Perception, which increases with depth somewhat similarly to Melee, Evasion and Will. Point taken that many heavy-armour players won't have had to care before now though.
Yeah. Given thought to full monster recall? Meta-knowledge is a googling away anyhow nowadays, and having to tab out into the wiki constantly is my least favorite part of learning roguelikes.

I definitely share this concern with Perception, which is one reason I'm keen to tie it into the new Focus mechanic. The connection to trap detection was never a particularly happy one from my viewpoint, and there are only a small number of invisible enemies even after my additions.
With perception, you could try giving all enemies/items a stealth rating, tie difficulty to light level and distance and have partial successes displaying limited information (akin to Listening). Being forced to play with incomplete information would be a pretty strong incentive to upgrade it, even for melee types.

Will I think does have a lot more relevance particularly in the late game. While resistance to effects like stat drain is available, it competes with lots of other possibilities and often players are relying on Will to carry the day. I am a little concerned that Will losing relevance to staffs may have an effect - I may tie Perception to Focus regen and Will to maximum Focus, though I'm worried about overly complicating a new mechanic.
Vampires do have the lategame problem of going pop on contact with warrior types though. There's also song of staying adding 10+ on demand once you reach the depths.

If you're open to suggestions, back when I tried to bother half into implementing words of command, I liked to imagine them being vestiges of the song of creation lingering on Arda. Listen closely in the right spot and you might yet hear them. Commit one to memory and one might speak it once, using its power in the process. 100% fan fiction, but Gandalf made it sound like he somehow used a limited resource when he spoke that door shut in Moria.

In gameplay terms, that means they could be functionally identical to current staves ("items" with unknown number of charges), but would need some amount of perception to become aware of, voice usage to be spoken, and be maybe be stored in a separate inventory which size depends on willpower or similar. Tweak the power levels and effects and that might make high willpower/perception "mages" more viable.

Regarding staves, I like your suggestion above effectively making them take up a shield slot and provide non-melee-combat bonuses. Don't recall Gandalf wacking orcs with his staff in the books, he had Glamdring for that.

I have been considering making the Nameless Things That Gnaw The Roots Of The World that Gandalf and the balrog fled upwards from into a series of horrifying and very dangerous uniques (without acid) - not quite Ungoliant dangerous, but close to it. (Ungoliant may get a heavy buff: as a match for Morgoth, she should be terrifying. Bit iffy on the canonicity of her hanging round Angband though).
Making them uniques would add even more xp into the lategame though. Maybe just jack up their stats to 11? They're easy enough to avoid and could help hammer home that not everything that can be fought should be. Maybe even make mature dragons nigh unkillable so as to require high stealth to loot their hoards?

Ungolianth and her brood has every reason to hang round Angband by the way, she still hungers for those sweet sweet Silmarils remember?

Removing the big stat boost potions will make tough late game enemies somewhat more worrying, though perhaps as you say the issue is more that there are fewer of them with a more territorial nature - drakes are unpleasant to fight, but unlikely to chase you, while troll guards are mostly no real threat to late game characters. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks very much for all the testing. It's appreciated.
Have you played Dungeon Crawl? There's a few themed hell dungeon branches in the endgame that randomly bombards the player with hell effects ranging from status effects to summoning monsters and whatnot, kind of like the ancient and terrible curse in some Angband variants (Zangband? It's been years). Maybe something like that replacing the more nonsensical traps, getting stronger and more dangerous the deeper you go? Could also tie into cursed items and replace the "sticky curse" which plagues roguelikes.

Also no need to thank me. This is fun!

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