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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
However, we currently have an assortment of very unTolkienish consumables. I would like to make this less gamey, but reducing the variety of items to be found in Sil from its already spartan state does not seem to be an option. The question is what I can do to ensure that things that are necessary from a gameplay perspective, to make the game interesting, do not sit too jarringly with the source material.
We're in agreement here, hence my trying to contort consumables into non-physical items. Never cared much for characters walking around with five sets of armor and half a pharmacy's worth of instant-effect potions in their back pocket..

I think this would be a stretch. Scrying in Tolkien is as far as I am aware always done with the assistance of a magical item or pool. Gandalf works illusions, but elves do not - with the possible exception of Finrod's "song of changing and shifting shape", but that's very evidently under Songs. Elven magic in general is either based on songs or magical items - Beleg's whetting spell being an exception, but it is structured much like Finrod and Luthien's songs are.
I can think of a few more examples, vague as they are. In 'Of Maeglin' for an instance Eöl spies Arendhel and "set his enchantments about her so that she could not find the ways out". The resulting Maeglin desperately tries to persuade his mother to reveal the location of Gondolin "or perhaps to read her unguarded mind". Luthien at one point bids Carcaroth to go to sleep (without song). Scrying might be conducted through physical mediums, but everyone and their forebear seems to be able to sense the future, which arguably necessitates sensing yonder in both time and space.

(fake) EDIT: was able to replicate the inventory visual glitch; I think that when the last item on the inventory is shifted upwards (eg when you drop/use an item above it) half of the tile remains on the empty row.

EDIT: Pretty sure the tiles for Hauberks/Corslets are mixed up? The latter looks heavier than the former.

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