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Originally Posted by Bill Peterson View Post
Will you be updating the file on the github repository once you've processed the comments?
There will be a new beta at some point, after I've figured out a way to deal with Rage and slays. Currently the rendering function only knows about character data and has no knowledge at all of the wider context of what's going on, which makes Rage somewhat interesting to implement...

Originally Posted by Infinitum
Never cared much for characters walking around with five sets of armor and half a pharmacy's worth of instant-effect potions in their back pocket..
Agreed on the armour, though I think it's unavoidable to a large extent; even Unreal World, which I think is probably the most simulationist roguelike by some way doesn't manage to fully get round that. On the potions front, well, some have close to instant effect in canon (Orcish liquor springs to mind), but I would like at least some pretence at our items being canon. Potions of Dexterity don't really cut it on that score for me.

Luthien incidentally does have the help of a magic item to send Carcharoth to sleep in the Lay of Leithian - the cloak she enchanted earlier. Definitely not a staff though.

Originally Posted by Infinitum
EDIT: was able to replicate the inventory visual glitch; I think that when the last item on the inventory is shifted upwards (eg when you drop/use an item above it) half of the tile remains on the empty row.
This is helpful, thanks. Fixing these kinds of things can be a royal pain but at least I know they exist. Have noted it at
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