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Staffs of light produce a visual darkness effect when activated (even in ascii mode).

EDIT: Dragon breaths are also black instead of red.

EDIT: As are Serpent breaths. Seem to recall arrows looking like black dots as well. Gonna go ahead and call this a general visual bug.

EDIT: Drauglir dropped the bat fell of thurwengl.. thurw.. thrwl you know who I mean. Happened in ASCII, weird since I recall getting the wolf pelt in another run. The bat lady is still alive according to my monster memory.

EDIT: Oldie but goodie: Special shadow cloaks don't display their stealth bonus when unidentified, and SC of stealth don't auto identify.

EDIT: Dunno if its just me, but is there a -lot- of cold resistance around? Feels like most new artifacts/egos add it somehow.

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