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Originally Posted by Grax View Post
New player here, deepest is 400ft.

I typically go meele and evasion, focusing on increasing those stats.

THen I get charge, then dodging, then flanking, then finesse, then zone of control.

After that I'm not sure what I should be doing, any suggestions on what I should be doing next?

During my last run I got a cursed lantern, How do you get rid of cursed items? I've heard of staff of santicty, which I didn't have, so I had to get curse breaker. Is getting curse breaker a common strategy to get rid of cursed items?

If i'm not going smithing, does it still make sense to go up on the first level instead of down? I'm guessing it does to increase chance of getting some gear.

Any input for begginers woudl be appreciated!
Curse breaking is generally an expensive way to break curses, mostly I'd try to hang out for sanctity. Cursed lanterns can be particularly difficult to deal with though.

I wouldn't bother going up on 50', it wastes more time on high floors and there's little useful to find there.

Flanking and zone of control are a good mix. There are a good number of viable builds. In original Sil, Momentum is excellent once you get extra strength.

You probably want to build up your Will to protect against the many threats that act on it - Hardiness is a dull but very solid pick. Perception has several great skills, Rauko-Bane is one of the most picked once it's available.

Archery is very strong also and usually worth some investment.
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