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I got lucky—found Cubragol. Since that (or Feanor's boots) was the missing piece of my kit for Morgoth, I figure it's time to finish this....last man standing, right?

I have a base speed of 27, 23 !Heal, 23 !*Heal, and 11 !Life, and a fair amount of both scrolls of banishment. However, my damage output will be either be 342 or 374: wearing Gorlim and Nenya gets 342.2, wearing Gorlim and both =Damage gets 374 but no esp. The difference is, with Nenya, I have to land 30 more punches (assuming Morgoth never recovers health).

I'm going to break for a bit and do other stuff—for one, I'd like be fresh for the long slugfest and, two, see if anyone has any final thoughts. My intuition is to don Gorlim, wearing Nenya and one +14 =damage so @ is aware of the summons.
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