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Originally Posted by jens View Post
Don't monsters get their items when the level is generated? Ar-Pharz˘n was generated from the start ( He was sleeping just a few steps from the staircase).
Yes, but the assertion failure is in object_flavour_is_aware, which is not checked until you can see/detect the object!
I did not change anything in object.txt, but I just checked, and the jewel entry is the same as it always was. So as far as I can tell you did not change it for this release.

I'll switch to testing with a new char as soon as there is a new nightly to download ;-)
Good. If it happens again with a nightly and I can reproduce it, I'll fix it.

If there are no objections I'll merge your artifact changes this weekend btw, so they'll be in the next nightly.
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