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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Ah. I don't think I had realised that you had re-played from *after* he was generated. Yes, it's quite odd then, and clearly hard to reproduce. It could be a memory corruption issue.
Was a bit surprised at the outset, I don't believe I had saved... have you added auto save functionality?

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Not yet - we're going to make a big decision about shading support for Shockbolt's 64x64 files: if we postpone that until 3.4, we'll be in feature freeze pretty soon. If we try and get it into 3.3, we will have a little longer before freeze. We all want to get Shockbolt's tiles included ASAP, but the code for supporting tiles is unbelievably crufty and not quickly fixable.
Don't know if it's relevant, but when I compiled this version I had to move the .dll files to the same folder as the .exe to be able to execute (Win 7).

Postponing the release date for 3.3 in that case?
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