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It works fine in my Windows XP in Virtual Box, but still the same odd errors (only with me apparently) in my MacOS since I updated at the beginning of December.

Some changes are really cool, the monster abilities in particular. Trolls are much more noticable. If Dagorhir has a sufficient number of elves killed before, his Elf-Bane will be wonderful. And cats will be really scary with exchange places - suddenly waiting in a corridor doesn't look like a bright idea anymore, but I am not deep enough yet.

I am not too fond of the changed weights, but it was all discussed already with regard to marvinpa-version: Harder to identify artifacts by metalore now, difficulty jumps for light weight weapons (you can't settle for 1.1 lb when you lack skill for 1 lb) and no 0.9 lb "quick" weapons designed for rapid attack anymore.

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