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Originally Posted by skadefryd View Post
A "stealth bruiser" would be hard to pull off. Being up in your enemies' faces in melee typically demands very high protection, which means heavy armor, which will tank your Stealth score. Either that, or very high evasion, but that strikes me as extremely risky. One bad roll against a tough troll, rauko unique, or dragon and you're boned.
Noldor stealth chargers actually work okay, in my experience. I've won a couple of them. Basically, it's like a stealth assassin, except you use a big two-hander or whatever for the initial damage burst rather than a light one-hander. It's also helpful to be able to do consistent damage if the target survives, which most subtle stabbers have a harder time with.

If you find something totally OP like one of the black blades or Saithnar, this is especially fun.

High evasion is probably the way to go with these, although I have done some higher-protection ones as well. You only need about 15-20 stealth to go undetected by most things, and Noldor start with very high dexterity.

This is possibly not the easiest of newbie builds, and it's also probably not something you'd want to try with one of the challenge races; but, it's not that bad overall.

Edit: I just saw the OP -- if you're looking for a bit of a intro, I did this video series for 1.1.1 that should still work reasonably well, although 1.2 is harder.
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