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I'm faced with saving stuff at home issues: I Need to drop at least one weapon I'm saving but I can't decide between ToW, MoD Holy Avenger (+21 hurts Demons as well as Undead) or DW which seems maybe wholly unsuited for my approach.

Or I could drop the dwarven chaos armor or Arvedui but dropping arvedui would force me to wear Trickery for the final fights (for rNexus).

As fun and devastating as wielding DW would be, I think I would die while making the radical adjustment in playstyle I've been enjoying of sneaking and choosing my battles. I hate the idea of closing the door on that unique opportunity to do massive melee damage, though. Should I drop Tow? I'm saving ToW in the event I come to no longer need the INT and Speed boosts from OromŽ since ToW does significantly better damage. I did drop Raal's.

I just found a ring of CON <+6> and quaffed another !CON and three !Experience so I'm CL40 now with 456HP. If I ditch all my good bolts (a lot of them) and take up Amrod (with only a handful of good arrows) my HP goes up to 496. Maybe it is time to switch to arrows since I'm CL40 Ranger, but I hate to throw away good bolts (slay demons, slay undead, slay evil, high to-dam wounding etc.)

Even with the lackluster amrod bow my holy might arrows do over 900 vs evil and 1058 vs demons and undead.
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