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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
For movement, direction keys do nothing and numpad only works when numlock is toggled on. Mapping anything doesnt work as trying to specify a number pad key instead specifies only the escape key.

I have tried loading runlock.prf in options "=", "l"oad and am getting a confirmation message but it doesnt seem to change the behaviour.

Edit: typo
Yeah, I just noticed this behaviour and I think I'm going to need to set up a hack on the javascript side of things to get easy running. I tested the runlock thing over a real terminal, I think it's the terminal emulator sending an '[Escape]' keypress instead of escape codes for home/end/arrow keys. (For some reason, numpad9 and numpad3 work however)

Small but significant bugs that will take a lot of work to fix.

I'm going to leave things up as they are for the rest of the day and then pull it offline again tomorrow to fix things. I'm fairly sure the site can be seaworthy by the time the next competition comes along though.

With regards to anyone experiencing lag; I can only imagine the issue is geographic distance (the server is in europe and there's no perceptible latency when I play), which means the fix would be getting another server, and nothing I can fix with code.
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