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Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
How does Angband handle Shockbolt's 128x64 tiles? I recall a comment from Nick in a post a couple months ago that they are handled by an ugly hack, but I could not find it.
Look for any variable called or containing "overdraw" - it's handled in grafmode.c, and in main-win.c, main-sdl.c and main-cocoa.m.

My main complaint is actually the way we draw multi-size tiles by putting something too big in the bottom right-hand corner and crossing our fingers.

Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
I am assuming that, if a tile is2x1 in height, it simply occupies the square the monster is in, as well as the one above it? What if there is a monster right above the monster where the tile is a 2x1 ratio? How does the player know to attack or target a monster displayed with a 2x1 tile?
In practice it actually works OK - Shockbolt has carefully drawn the double-height tiles so the top half is gappy enough that you can see if there's something else on the grid above. Targeting temporarily blanks out the top half if you're on the monster above.
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