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Mindcrafting is an amazing utility package, and can be helpful for reaching the lategame even if you can't use it when wielding Grond. It gives you a targeted teleport, for example. And a full-detection spell that costs 1 SP.

High-level mindcrafting also gives you intrinsic ESP. I can't remember how common "true ESP" (of all non-mindless enemies) is in ToME 2, but getting it as an intrinsic could still come in handy.

Incidentally, the number of high-level weapons in ToME that generic antimagic fields is irritating. Did DarkGod really think that nobody would want to play a hybrid fighter/caster? I can't imagine trying to go pure melee (let alone pure bows) in ToME, considering the number of awful, awful enemies out there and also how amazingly useful the spells are.
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