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Originally Posted by luneya View Post
At present, gaining temporary resist does cause you to learn the rune if you have anything with the permanent resist equipped. I presume that this is an intended feature rather than a bug. Remember that all of the resist sources (temporary or permanent) represent magical properties that protect you from the elements. Armor of resist cold is not a down jacket, and armor of resist fire is not Nomex. Given that all the resists are magical, it sort of makes sense that when you quaff a potion of resist fire, it would cause some detectable magical resonance with your armor of resist fire.
If it's a feature, no problem. However, my first impression was that it was non-intentional since I kind of assumed that runic magic is totally different from potion magic, scroll magic and book magic. Which of course might indicate that there's a non-intuitive mechanic here. Or maybe it's just me
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