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Have cleared a 600 with my newest char. Wielding that great spear I mentioned, hoping to get a good one handed sword artifact drop. I picked up subtlety and rapid attack (1d16 x2 is pretty nice). I'm lacking poison and cold resist which the lack of cold has almost killed me several times.

I picked up enchantment, I've still not found a staff of understanding (I've had very little luck finding any staves on this one).

Whirlwind attack is my next target, I'm curious to see how the newer version of it works. It'll be a bit though, since I need 5000 xp or so.

I've actually descended much faster than I had planned (2 stairs dropped me an extra depth too), so I've been quite lucky to live. Probably will slow down majorly now till I get more melee and resists.
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