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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
The basic rules for sprinting are you can turn 45 degrees each move. So:

E, E, E, E works
E, NE, N , NW works
E, NE, E , SE works

Not sure if that answers the question
I think wobbly has the best examples that answer my question. i.e. Now, I understand that players don't need to do four moves in a straight line. For some reason since '12, I thought the 4 consecutive moves in one direction e.g. W-W-W-W was a requirement. I apparently, I didn't realize that. Maybe if Quirk can spectate what I'm doing in Vanilla-Sil. (I could do Sil-Q, but I'm awaiting the new release and Gwarl to update it so that I can finish my current Hugoesque 51 run in style.)
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